Nexus 10: iPad killer?

When the iPad first released in 2010 it provided the perfect blend between a laptop and a smartphone. It wasn’t the first tablet to ever exist but it redefined tablet computing. And till date it has been going from strength to strength leaving its competitors far behind even after 2 years of release. Many wonder, will there ever be a tablet which will oust the current king from his throne? I may be speculating but based on the spec sheet of the Nexus 10, I think the iPad finally has a worthy competitor.

Manufactured by Samsung and Google, the Nexus 10 joins its younger brother, the Nexus 7 in an already congested tablet market. Its main targets the iPad and the iPad mini respectively. Nexus 7 and the iPad mini trade blows without leaving a clear winner, but this time we may have a clear winner if one doesn’t nit pick.


Nexus 10 iPad (4th Generation)
Processor Samsung Exynos 5250 Apple’s A6X
No Of Core’s Dual Core Dual Core
Processor Speed 1.7 Ghz Unknown
Ram 2 GB 1 GB
On Board Storage 16 GB 16, 32, 64 GB
Display 10.1 – inch 9.7 – inch
Resolution 2560 x 1600 2048 x 1536
Pixel Density 298.9 pixels per inch (ppi) 264 pixels per inch
Front Camera None 1.2 MP
Rear Camera 5-MP with LED Flash 5 MP without Flash
Wifi Yes Yes, 802.11 a/b/g/n
NFC Yes None
Bluetooth Yes, 4.0 Yes, 4.0
OS Android 4.2 (rumored) iOS 6
GPS Yes Yes
Cellular Unknown Yes. GSM, LTE & CDMA

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