C.S Multiplayer Tips: Improve Your K/D Ratio!


Counter Strike is one of the worlds most popular gaming titles. Despite having no single-player story mode, it revolutionized the gaming industry and set the benchmark for modern FPS (first person shooters). Its ability to run on lower config machines has also removed barriers that other popular games like Battlefield and Call Of Duty cant surmount. And since its the holiday season now, I’m gonna dive head on into multiplayer! Be warned: the online competition is intense! So much as sneak a peek and you might receive a headshot!!

Here are a collection of tips that helped me increase my Kill/Death ratio: 
1) Watch HeatoN’s tips to master recoil, grenade tricks and much more.
2) Never spray (fire continuously) Fire off 1 to 3 rounds with accuracy and you’re more likely to score a kill.
3) Never try to go in alone. Playing with team mates usually helps in 2 ways: They take the hit for you! 😛 Or they might let you take the killing shot.
4) Some quick shortcuts for the basic items: B82 – Kevlar And Helmet, B6 and B7 –  Primary and Secondary Ammo or just use the comma and fullstop keys, B14 – Desert Eagle (best pistol by far),  B43 -M4A1 (for CT’s) and B42 – Ak47 (for T’s).
5) When moving into a corner if there is an enemy, jump and fire downwards towards the head. If possible use a shotgun or a gun which has burst fire mode. Different modes can be enabled using the right mouse button.
6) Plant the bomb in a position you can easily cover. Example: in de_dust2 plant the bomb near the crate at the bottom. Move into the snake pit and kill any incoming CT’s using a good long-range gun.
7) As always there’s no substitute for practice. Start of with bots. Play 1 on 2, 1 on 3 and so on in a small map. As you get better raise the difficulty level step by step. If you think you’re ready go ahead and play online.

You can find good online servers at Gametracker. If you have tips you’d like to share please post them as comments below. Thanks for reading Xtreme Techie! 🙂


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